Eastlake Colorado


There is this little community in Thornton Colorado called Eastlake. It is an old country town that somehow has remained mostly unchanged as the metropolis of Denver slowly surrounded it. It is mostly abandoned but still has a lot of charm, but it is about to change…

Later this year the Denver Light-Rail system will open its newest line and station right in the heart of Eastlake. My prediction is that this will bring massive change to the area. I think the charm of Eastlake will be quickly discovered and we will see new business and growth in the area. I am actually really excited about the change. I think it could turn into a really awesome community less than 5 minutes from our house. There is a bit of melancholy to it as well. Change is always a little bit sad, even when it is for the better.

A couple weeks ago on my birthday, while the kids were sleeping, I stole a couple hours away to spend some time making images. I wandered around Eastlake and tried to capture a little bit of the way it is now, before the changes happen. I am actually not stoked with these pictures, I don’t love the lighting and I think I can do better. They inspired me though to consider turning this into a bigger project. I think I am going to try to go back to Eastlake every couple months and document the change as it happens. It deserves to be remembered how it was and documented as it changes.


Cold Denver


Last week was a bitterly cold week here in Colorado. It was no Polar Vortex so I realize I can’t complain, and I am not, but it was the coldest week in recent memory. The positive side of it is that I was able to capture some pretty cool images. This one in particular is one of my favorite photos in a long time. I like that it is almost two images with both sets of tracks, I like the truck on the right side and the silhouette of Denver on the left side, and I like the overal tone and vibe. I think I am going to print this one at some point, if even for my own archives. 

It’s already warmer this week and the snow is starting to melt, but that will provide photographic opportunities of its own.