Denver Colorado

I had a break from work and decided to take go for a little walk with my XPro-2. I walked a bit of the Cherry Creek Trail for the first time which was surprisingly pretty. The city is such an endlessly visually stimulating place, almost overwhelming sometimes.

XPro-2 | XF23mm f2 | Mastin Labs Ektar 100


My dad sends me a text message: "Hey I bought a car in Vegas. Do you want to fly out with me and drive back the next day?". Hell yes I do. He bought a Pontiac Solstice which is a pretty sweet car if you know much about cars. Its the last new Pontiac model ever and is pretty rare an interesting. Even apart from the history it is a great small convertible sports car from an American manufacturer. You don't see that much. 

The trip was a blast. We cruised through some awesome national parks on the way home. We didn't have much time in them, but it made the drive way more fun. This trip is one for the memory books. 

Fuji X100F × Mastin Labs Ektar 100