A Trip to Brainard Lake

Our very good friends Matt and Carol and their sweet girl Norah visited us last week. We made a day trip up to Brainard Lake to get some fresh mountain air. It was absolutely beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better day. 

I shot with my X100F and a Polarizer Filter and processed with Mastin Labs Gold 200. The Polarizer filter gave a really interesting effect to the water and sky. I need to play with it some more. 

Haoge LH-X35

So if you have the Fujifilm XF35mm f2 and are less than thrilled with the included lens hood, I found an awesome solution. This is a hood from a company called Hoage. It was $37.99, which is a bit steep for a lens hood, but this thing is awesome! It is made of metal and hooks right in to the factory mount on the lens. It also looks way better than either of Fuji's options in my opinion. I couldn't be more happy. 

Buy on here